State Representative
Erie, Pennsylvania

Vision For The Erie Region


Erie is at a critical moment in our history. Erie needs leaders who have the energy and new ideas, now more than ever before. Erie needs a leader who will serve our people, revitalize our neighborhoods, and support our employers. Together, let’s be brave enough to end the status quo.

The problems of one neighborhood or one city or township are not isolated. They affect us all. That's why I’ve taken action on regional initiatives aimed at improving the lives of our young people, senior citizens, and veterans. That's why I've taken action on regional projects and policies that will provide area organizations and local agencies with the resources they need to empower our citizens and make our neighborhoods a better place to call home.

We can't keep doing the same old things and expecting different results.


Throughout my extensive leadership experience I have always been a bridge between people and the resources they needed to be successful. I've never been concerned with vanity or ego, because leadership is not about a title: it's about a responsibility to others.

You won't just see me out at events or in front of a camera. You will continue to see me where I have always been: in the community serving others.

As a combat veteran, a father, a social worker, and a community leader, you can count on me to continue my push for more responsive leadership, standing up for what is right for our communities and our region, not special interests or political ambition.

I will continue to serve Erie – to serve you – so that our region will be the kind of place where families and friends build lives, shape careers, and work together for the safe and prosperous future we deserve.

If you too want to end the status quo, vote Jay Breneman for State Representative on May 15th!


Learn more about Jay's experience by visiting his full resume on LinkedIn