Vision For The Erie Region | Jay Breneman For Erie Mayor 2017

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Erie is at a critical moment in its history. The crises we have experienced during the current administration have created an opportunity for change. Erie needs leadership now more than ever before. Erie needs a leader who will support employers, revitalize neighborhoods, reduce crime through intervention and education, support teachers and schools, and implement Erie’s comprehensive plan. Together, let’s be brave enough to have a conversation that matters.

As an elected official who represents the people of Erie, I understand that the problems of one neighborhood or one ward or one electoral district are not isolated. They affect us all. That's why I’ve taken action that created the Erie County Department of Veterans Affairs and co-created the East Side Opportunity Corridor, in addition to providing support for our neighborhood associations, our community centers, and the youth of Erie. I will instill this commitment to action and vision in City Hall, meeting the challenges we face today and every day.

The current administration will tell you that the mayor has nothing to do with schools and nothing to do with creating jobs. They couldn’t be more wrong.


As Mayor, my office will be a bridge between Erie’s Public Schools, the city’s network of parochial and private schools, and the community and Commonwealth resources on which they depend. No school or student should be educationally impoverished for lack of resources from our community and no school administration should be left to tackle such issues alone.

I will also work to ensure that our neighborhoods are safe and healthy places for residents of the city and our children to live and play. My administration will serve each neighborhood by addressing zoning concerns, by encouraging teachers and public employees to live in the neighborhoods they serve, and by making sure that our school students can focus on their family and their future, instead of the violence and blight they face each day.

And to our local employers, my administration will give you a reason to stay in Erie, and we’ll help you build the relationships you need to create family-sustaining jobs right here at home. I’ll also partner with you to attract new businesses that reinforce the strategic networks and the infrastructure you’ve already created.

As your next mayor, I’ll continue to serve Erie – to serve you – so that our city will be the kind of place where families and friends build lives, shape careers, and work together for the safe and prosperous future Erie deserves.

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