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Erie, Pennsylvania
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Get to Know Jay Breneman

Early Years

Jay Breneman spent much of his childhood in Montana, working long, hard hours in the mountains and on cattle ranches, helping his family earn a living and sustaining their household.

There, he learned the value of hard work, respect for the environment, and the importance of keeping one's word.

He also learned that we must support each other because this builds trust and strengthens the community.


Service to Our Country

Jay was 18 years old when terrorists struck our nation on 9/11. Feeling that this was his generation's Pearl Harbor, Jay knew he had to answer the call to serve our country, so he enlisted in the United States Army.

Self-driven and determined, Jay served our nation with honor and distinction for nearly seven years, even in harsh conditions. He served near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in South Korea, served two long combat tours in Iraq, and repeatedly served in leadership positions well beyond the norm for his rank and pay-grade.

Jay took naturally to the leadership role, and never backed down from responsibility. He advanced in rank and acquired new duties by staying committed to the mission, and by instilling trust and motivation through his leadership and expertise.


Service to Our Community

During his long-distance relationship with Erie native Jamie Stubenhofer, Jay grew to love the Erie region. Jay and Jamie were married in 2008 at St. John the Baptist Church where they remain active parishioners.

Jay's experiences in war solidified his call to service, but in a new direction. While planning for a career after his Army enlistment, Jay chose to serve in Social Work and vowed to continue his service to the Erie community. Immediately following his Honorable Discharge as a Staff Sergeant (E-6) in early 2009, Jay began to study at Mercyhurst University.

Demonstrating the same dedication and work ethic instilled in him as a child, and tested as a soldier, he completed the degree program in only two years, while earning the prestigious Catherine McAuley Award. One year later, Jay earned a graduate degree from Case Western Reserve University.

Since graduating, Jay started and ran the veterans programs at two area universities (Mercyhurst University and Edinboro University), improving academic outcomes and earning state and national accolades for supporting student veterans and their families.


Service to Our Region

Jay now serves as the Director of Outreach & Governmental Relations for LIFE Northwestern Pennsylvania, a regional health care program based in Erie, ensuring that our senior citizens can stay in their own homes and continue living as independently as possible.

Jay is actively engaging and listening to people across the Erie region about the future of our community. The issues that affect our community need to be addressed directly with our citizens, including on front lawns and around kitchen tables.

In that spirit, Jay was elected by an overwhelming majority of citizens to serve on Erie County Council in 2013, serving as chairman of the Erie County Board of Elections, chairman of the personnel committee, and chairman of the finance committee, among other significant roles. In 2017, Jay served as the Chairman of Erie County Council leading several major community initiatives and modernization efforts in local government.

He doesn't plan to stop serving the Erie region in the future.

On May 15th, cast your vote for a true servant leader by electing Jay Breneman for State Representative.

Jay's full resume is available on LinkedIn by clicking here.



Training and Education

2002 - Basic Combat Training

2003 - Advanced Training
Long-range Telecommunication Systems


2005 - Advanced Training
Information Technology Systems

Honor Graduate
Exceptional Leadership Ratings


2006 - Warrior Leader Course
Superior Leadership Ratings


2011 - Bachelor of Arts
Social Work, Sociology minor

Magna Cum Laude - GPA 3.83
Catherine McAuley Award

2012 - Master of Science
Social Administration
Community and Social Development
GPA 3.63